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End of Time

So after Recovery………….
Conversion of Past Videos (SD) to High Definition (HD)
Advance HD Conversion - We can convert your older Standard Definition videos to High Definition videos using the most advance hardware and software available anywhere. The Teranex processor is used by all major broadcasters thru out the world and simply produces the highest quality images even from decades old tapes. Future proofing your unique videos for future generations to enjoy is so important to do now while those tapes are still playable. We can even deliver your images in their original aspect (4x3) as well create wide screen versions (16x10) with intelligent scaling…

Teranex 3 cropped

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Aspect Ratio
If the aspect ratio of the input video is 4:3 and it is to be converted to a 16:9 display, as in an up conversion, there are many ways to convert the source video depending on desired outcome. We can also deliver the SD video in several different HD formats and codecs.


Delivery Formats
It is so important to maintain the superior picture qualities of the pristine High Definition material after conversion so while your options are similar to SD (Standard Definition) videos some formats should be considered first.

Blu-Ray Discs
Blu-Ray discs help maintain the not only the much higher resolution of the up-converted footage but also the increased dynamic range in your historical footage. They can be made with custom menus or simply as a play only discs. Great for controlled distribution where on-line options are either not desired or available (slow or non-existence internet).
Media Players
There are many different small media players that easily handle HD files (Roku, WD, Apple TV, etc.) Each of them has a preferred file format so if we know what player you have we can create your footage to seamlessly play without any compatibilities problems.
Online Options
On-line video hosting sites ( YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) are also excellent ways to distribute your videos so your friends,family and colleagues can view the restored HD footage. We can make those files exactly in the right format to maintain their highest quality.
Editing Formats
Often after recovery/restoration and conversion to HD you may want to combine this historical footage with other source material especially important if you making a documentary. There are so many different codecs/frame rate options, having your footage matching your desired project settings is vital to maintaining it’s quality and accuracy. We would consult with you before the project is started to exactly match your needs.

Archival - Future generations viewing
All current digital/analog videos/files will eventually be unreadable in the future. So any intervention to save those moments must be done as an active and a continuous process. As we approach the EOL (End of Life) of videos made in the latter half of the 20th century we must also keep an eye towards the future. Today many video formats have very few machines capable of reading the information to reconstruct those recorded moments. We are currently in this historical period where most tapes can be recovered/restored and playback machines still exist. As time moves forward this process will become much more difficult and eventually all efforts to revive them, either due to condition of the tapes or the nonexistence of any device to play them back, will fail. There are many different strategies. We are involved on all levels to create the different pathways towards the future. Since every situation is unique we can recommend a strategy from simple migration of data, including some form of cloud backup to more esoteric means of metadata preservation for future generations to reconstruct.