DreamTime Productions

End of Time

Restoration of Archival Video:
In 1988, I taped a 2-camera shoot on 3/4 Video of my Mom and Dad’s 50
th Wedding anniversary celebration.  The celebration was attended by 150 family and friends and was patterned after the old “This Is Your Life” television show, with mystery guests and special guests sharing their personal stories.
My intention was to edit the tape soon after the celebration; certainly in less than 27 years.  But in 2015, I said to myself, “Oh my gosh, (not quite the words I used) I need to get these tapes transferred to a digital format before they disintegrate from age.”  I took the tapes to a professional studio in Los Angeles, but they had no luck.  Each time they tried to proceed with a transfer, the ¾ inch machine stopped due to the quality of the tape after 27 years of storage.  I was devastated.  Had I waited too long and now the memories were lost forever?  I called several other professional studios and none of them offered me any hope.  How could this be in Hollywood, the mecca of film and video production?  I researched on-line and found plenty of consumer grade transfer services, but none that specialized in transferring old tapes.  But then I found DreamTime Productions and Jerry.  I read about his services and about the preparation and procedures used for tape transfers and even talked with him a couple of times on the phone.  “Was this too good to be true and a scam?”  Jerry was certainly conversant on the old and the new technologies and he even recommended the best format to transfer the tapes to, but he was in San Francisco and I in Los Angeles, so all of our communication was mostly on email.  However, his emails were thorough and extremely engaging.   “That’s it!  He’s a sociopath ready to take advantage of me”.   Jerry also gave me estimated costs based on time and materials and explained problems that could arise, which would then take more time to transfer the tapes.   “Ah ha!  That’s the catch. The price will soar after I send the tapes.” 
I sent a few tapes for Jerry to transfer and unbelievably he not only transferred them to a digital format but to High Definition; and the finished product looked and sounded better than the originals.  Absolutely unbelievable!!!  I sent the remaining tapes for Jerry to transfer and the rest is history.  The bottom line is that Jerry is an honest and consummate expert and professional and every time I tell this story, it almost makes me cry.  He took such great care of every single detail.  I feel like Jerry is a trusted friend.  He did run into some problems with some of the tapes, but he ultimately was able to transfer all of my tapes; and the price didn’t soar.  As a matter of fact, the total cost turned out to be what I was originally expecting to pay the Los Angeles studio.  Jerry did explain there are some cases due to age or damage that tapes can’t be recovered, but if Jerry can’t recover the tape, no one can. I have other video projects that I will only trust to Jerry. 

Kevin Hughes
Los Angeles, California

Hurricane/Salt Water Recovery:
I am a mother that lost all the home videos of my children in Hurricane Rita.  I held on to those mud coated salt saturated tapes for three years searching for anyone that would help me restore those precious memories of my babies against the recommendations of friends and family.  I could not emotionally heal.  I found Dreamtime Productions that not only restored those 40 tapes to a condition that is far better than the original but they are now organized by chapters and each DVD disc has a picture of my children on them.  I was amazed , Jerry not only restored those tapes but restored me!

Melinda Hicks
A Grateful Mother from Hackberry Louisiana

Deteriorated Family Video:
Jerry Gainor works magic! My family video had deteriorated to a point that everyone looked like ghosts. I was heartbroken! Jerry was able to bring back memories of loved ones from a previous time!!! He presented options I didn’t know existed which enhanced my video even further. He’s a pro!

Laureen K.
Pawleys Island, SC

Archival Video:
Dreamtime Productions helped rejuvenate our series of interviews with several beloved choral directors. The color and sound were enhanced and chapters and menus added, giving our aging VHS tapes new life as a DVD collection. Thanks Dreamtime Productions!

Christina Prucha
American Choral Directors Association

Restoration of Archival Video:
Jerry at Dreamtime Productions restored priceless 3/4" footage of former governor Pat Brown for us. He was able to do what I was beginning to think was impossible and did it in a prompt and professional manner. If you have tape footage you're thinking could be beyond saving, Jerry may be your only hope!

Albert Madrid
Television Specialist
DWR Graphic Services

Deteriorated Betamax Family Video:
We had old Beta tapes from 1985 that would not play or were fuzzy and had wavy lines. Dreamtime worked on them and sent them back to us on DVD all clear and beautifully presented in chapters. Our memories are now safely on DVD. I am giving them as gifts to my children and relatives this Christmas.

Harry R.
Shelby Township, Michigan